cnc router 1325 for wood

A CNC wood router 1325 is a computer numerical control (CNC) machine specifically designed for woodworking applications. The “1325” in its name refers to the size of the working area, which measures approximately 130cm x 250cm (51 inches x 98 inches).


Bed Size 1300mm by 2500mm
spindle 2.2 or 3.2 kw Air cool
Motor stepper
control Ncstudio/Mach3
Panel type Outside
Oil pump
Collet size Er25
Max RPM of spindle 18000
LCD 17 inch
Travel Rack and Slides
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Cnc router 6060 for Metal

A CNC router 6060 is a computer numerical control (CNC) machine designed specifically for routing and carving operations on various materials, such as wood, plastic, foam, and soft metals. The “6060” in its name refers to the size of the working area, which measures (24.0 inches x 24.0 inches).


Bed size 600mm by 600mm
Spindle 2.2Kwor 3.2kw
Motor type Ac-servo
Control Ncstudio/Mach3
water Pump
Lcd 17inches
Over voltage safety
Over Amps safety
Z axis height 300mm
Collet size Er20
Max cutter size 12mm
Weight 650 to 700kgs
6 Months of Mechanical warrenty
3 Months of Electrical warrenty
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Cnc Lathe Machines

A CNC lathe machine, also known as a computer numerical control lathe, is a versatile and advanced manufacturing tool used for precision machining operations. It is an automated version of a conventional lathe that can be programmed to produce intricate and complex parts with high accuracy and repeatability.

The CNC lathe machine operates by controlling the movement of cutting tools, which are mounted on a rotating workpiece. The cutting tools remove material from the workpiece to create the desired shape and dimensions. The machine’s movements are guided by numerical instructions input through a computer, which allows for precise control of the cutting process.

Cnc Plasma cutting Machines

CNC plasma cutting is a computer-controlled manufacturing process used to precisely cut various types of metal materials, such as steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. The term “CNC” stands for Computer Numerical Control, meaning the cutting process is controlled by a computer program that follows specific instructions to move the plasma torch in a highly accurate and predetermined manner. Plasma cutting utilizes a jet of ionized gas (plasma) to melt and blow away the metal, resulting in clean and precise cuts. This technology is widely used in industries like fabrication, automotive, aerospace, and metalworking for creating intricate shapes and components with high efficiency and repeatability.